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3 Real-Life PURL Marketing Lessons to Get You Started

May 27 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

We’ve just put the finishing touches on yet another pURL marketing campaign, and as we sit back and wait for the response results to come in, I thought it would be a great time to reflect on a few things we’ve learned along the way. You can greatly improve your own pURL marketing by taking advantage of these three simple, real-life lessons.

Lesson 1: Never Print Your Direct Mail Piece Before Your pURLs are Ready

In most cases, the printing is more expensive than the actual pURL creation, so any mistakes there will really hurt your ROI. Always make sure your pURLs are ready and accessible before sending your mail piece off to the printer.

We’ve had one client who decided on a great URL for their pURL campaign. It was highly targeted, easy to remember, and even with the pURLs added it was still short and sweet. They sent their piece off to the printer, then they sent us the information to begin the pURL creation process.

Unfortunately, when we went to register their chosen domain name, we discovered it was already taken. And before they were able to notify the printer, the printing process was already well under way. The presses were running and a few thousand postcards had already been printed. Needless to say, those postcards ended up in the trash, and we had to start the process all over again.

Typically, we handle the entire URL registration procedure for our clients, but we have one client in particular who likes to control their own domain names. Since this is a repeat client who is already familiar with pURL marketing, we didn’t question anything when they gave us the name of their new domain. In fact, we even updated the mailing list with the full pURL – domain name and everything – to be sent to the printer. We didn’t even notice until it was almost too late that the client registered the wrong domain name. (We got lucky in that case, since the printer hadn’t started printing yet.)

Since the printing is usually the most expensive part of your pURL campaign, and since it’s generally impossible to fix printing errors, it’s best to make sure that every detail is 100% accurate before sending anything off to the printer.

Lesson 2: Don’t Fall Flat With the Personalization

One of the great aspects of pURL marketing is the ability to personalize and customize every last detail. I’ve seen pURL landing pages with a headline that reads “Welcome Johnny” but then the rest of the site is generic and impersonal.

Remember, every tiny bit of information that you have about your customer or prospect can be incorporated into his pURL website. His name can (and should) appear in the browser’s title bar. Every page (not just the home page) should be customized with his own personal details. Why not mention products that he’s purchased in the past? Tell him how to get to your store from his exact location? Have feedback forms and surveys that are pre-filled with his data? Show images and graphics that related to his particular demographics? The power of the pURL is in the one-to-one customization and personalization, so why not take advantage of it?

I’m convinced that most marketers aren’t fully aware of all the things that can be done with pURL marketing. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve asked a client “do you want to do such and such” and the response is “I didn’t even know we could do that!” If you’re new to pURL marketing, spend some time discussing the technique with your pURL provider. Chances are, they have some great ideas for you.

Lesson 3: Never Start a Campaign Without a Follow Up Plan

I sat down two weeks ago with a new client who is new to the concept of pURL marketing. When starting any new campaign, we like to map out or storyboard the entire flow, from the start of the campaign all the way until the very very very end. And by very very very end, I mean until it has been totally determined that every single prospect on the list has either responded adequately, or will never ever respond no mater what we do.

We end up with a kind of a mind map type document that looks almost like an organizational chart. We start with step one: prospect receives the direct mail piece. And from there we branch off into two directions – the prospect visits his pURL, or the prospect doesn’t visit his pURL.

When I asked the client where we’d like to go from there, they gave me that deer-in-the-headlights look. They hadn’t considered the “what comes next” phase. They figured some prospects would visit their pURLs, and of those that visit, some would perform the desired action, and the campaign would be over and done with.

But they weren’t taking into account the nature of pURL marketing. Since pURL marketing has such incredible built in tracking capabilities, there is no reason to simply end the campaign after the initial response phase. The beauty lies in the ability to see exactly who visited their pURL page, exactly who didn’t visit, exactly who performed the desired action, exactly who went where within their pURL website, etc.

So, for this particular campaign in question, we decided that anyone who did not visit their pURL page would receive a second invitation. If they didn’t visit after the second invitation, they would be dropped from the mailing list.

But now here’s where it gets really good. Since we could see exactly who performed the desired action on their pURL page, those prospects would be labled as “hot prospects” and receive a personal follow up phone call.

And anyone who didn’t perform the desired action but visited at least 4 pages of the website would be labeled “warm prospects”. The warm prospects would receive another direct mail invitation to another pURL page – only this time, since we determined that these prospects are relatively interested in what we’re offering, the pURL message would be a little more urgent and “pushy”. Depending on their response to the second pURL, we would hopefully be able to move them to the hot prospects category.

The prospects who didn’t perform the desired action but visited 2 or 3 pages of the website would be labeled “luke warm prospects”. They would receive another direct mail piece inviting them to another pURL; but their pURL would be less pushy. It would be designed to pull them through the website and present additional pre-sales information designed to convert them to hot, or at least warm, prospects.

And the final group would be those who visited their pURL homepage but didn’t click through to any additional pages on their website. They would receive a postcard inviting them to visit the second pURL which would offer information about a free report they could download. After downloading the report, they would be placed into the drip marketing system and receive automated email updates. The email updates would present pre-pre-sales information and gradually move the prospect through the marketing funnel. Depending on his interaction with the email campaigns (certain predetermined click throughs and responses) he would then be sent another pURL invitation at a later date.

The point I’m trying to make is that the extreme potency of pURL marketing comes from knowing exactly who to follow up with and how to follow up with them. Don’t stop your pURL campaign short or you’ll miss out on most of its effectiveness.

So there you have it, 3 simple and easy to learn lessons you can use to improve the results of your own pURL marketing campaign. And by the way, if you don’t have a pURL provider yet, we’d love to talk to you. Give us a call at 847-857-PURL.

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Every Door Direct Mail Program By the USPS Is a Direct Mail Dream!

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Every Door Direct Mail Retail lets you market your business to every address in the neighborhood without the need for addresses or names. You save the cost of purchasing a mailing list and you save the annual cost of a postage permit. By eliminating these two expenses, you save hundreds of dollars on your mailing campaign. Combine that with a 66% savings in postage compared to a first class stamp and mail becomes the most powerhouse marketing tool in your arsenal.

Key Benefits of Every Door Direct Mail

No Postage Permit Required for EDDM: When mailing a postcard through the post office traditionally you need a permit which can cost as much as $450 just to open your account. This annual fee has been waived to mail EDDM Retail.

No Mailing List needed for Every Door Direct Mail: The post office is promoting what is called a simplified address so no mailing list is needed. You simply have to have the words “Postal Customer” and the post office will deliver your piece to the mailing routes that you request.

Large size card = better response: A Mailing flat is at least 6.25″x11″ or larger size which means you have plenty of room to get your message to your customer. This is over 3 times the size of a 4″x6″ postcard and costs 9 cents less!

As close as your local post office: No need to go through the challenge of finding and understanding how to work with a business mail entry unit. EDDM Retail can be mailed from any post office and you can pay for postage with cash, check or debit card. You can have your printing already prepared and shipped to you and dropped off directly at the post office. This way, you get the lowest postage rate, and you know that your direct mail is being delivered quickly and efficiently.

How To Get Started With Every Door Direct Mail Services:

Using the EDDM Direct Mail program is simple and pain-free. If you need assistance please contact us and we’ll be glad to help you at no charge.

Here are the simple steps to getting your Every Door Direct Mail Program started easily:

1) Choose Your Mailing Area and Total count

The easiest way to get started with an every door direct mail marketing is to go the USPS website located here to choose your mailing routes: From there, choose option #2 EDDM and plug-in your geographic area by city, zip code, or radius from a location. Once you have found which routes you would like to mail. Total the amount of routes and that will determine how many postcards you would like to mail.

2) Choose Your Printed Piece Size

Pick a size that meets the requirement of the program which is any size larger than 6.25″x11″ and up to 12″x15.” The most common sizes we see are 6.25″x11″, 8.5″x11″ and 11″x17″ folded to an 8.5″x11″. These are great sizes which will make a huge statement to your customer. Once you have decided what size to print you can print them fast and easy.

3) Schedule your mailing and gain new customers

You can either mail your postcard by yourself using the USPS system at to create your paperwork and dropping off to your local post office. Alternatively, we can prepare the mail for you for a small additional cost. If you would like help creating your paperwork and mailing campaign we will assist you for no charge.

The Every Door Direct Mail Program Is Your Key To Marketing Success

If you have any questions or would like to know how this program can work for you, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we’ll be delighted to guide you through it. We are excited to see the post office create this amazing program for small businesses to grow through effective direct mail marketing. In this current economic climate the Every Door Direct Mail program is sure to help you gain new customers and expand your business.

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Networking And It’s Importance When Structuring Marketing Deals

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Networking with many different business owners can make you very productive. The bottom line is that a technique that works for one business owner is a technique that can work for others. So don’t diminish the possibilities of a campaign that has worked for someone else – because you can easily earn money from the technique that you have your eyes on.

The best way to meet up with business owners and collaborate amongst each other is via your local chamber of commerce. This is filled with business owners who are looking to make more money in their business for themselves, and possibly even do joint ventures with the people who are there.

One thing that you do want to do is to hand out your business card to everyone there. Make sure your card is structured to generate a response – not just to be there just to be there.

When you join an organization like the local chamber of commerce, you give yourself the opportunity to learn and share a wide variety of techniques. These “meeting of the minds” is definitely something that can improve the sales and profits of you and also for the other business owners there.

Plus, you give yourself the opportunity to stay on top of the marketplace, and see what’s happening in the world of business. There may be changes that you will want to know about just in case it affects your business in any kind of way. So this is another benefit of joining an organization to make it more profitable for you.

At your local chamber of commerce, you can easily go down there and sell your information products there. I once heard of this lady who sold marketing tips in the form of a 15-page report, and then made $200 that night of doing it. This is another element of business networking that you can use to take your business to the next level.

This is the only kind of networking that I recommend in your business. You shouldn’t resort to using MLM tactics to network and bring people together – because it’s highly ineffective and you will find yourself wasting money trying to promote your products and services.

The gist of MLM is to use your friend and family members to sign up for your business partnership. The guy who referred you gets a commission, and the guy ahead of him gets a commission, and etc. I don’t recommend MLM to anyone trying to make money in their home business, or for business owners who want to earn a bit of revenue on the side.

These tips for making networking work are very essential if you want to make more money in your business. I just hope you’re able to use them effectively in your business. Don’t go down the MLM route because you will find yourself spinning your wheels trying to get family members and friends to sign up for your latest scheme. I wouldn’t go down this route if I were you.

Good luck with using these tips to have the most success in your business as possible.

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Want to Increase Your Spa Business? Market the Health Benefits of Your Services Today!

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Once considered self-indulgence, spa visits are now increasingly perceived as in integral part of a healthy lifestyle regimen. By relieving stress, soothing sore bodies and eliminating damaging toxins, spas craft emotional, mental and physical well-being for their loyal adherents.

Because of this trend towards wellness, the majority of spas reported increased visits and revenue during the 2011 recession. Yet this phenomenon has a few different implications for spa owners and practitioners. As the popularity of spa services expands, there are invariably more clients to fill one’s practice, but it also means that every year, the number of competing businesses magnifies!

The most valuable resource that spa affiliates have is the power of their own expertise. In response to rising health care costs and growing awareness of alternative medicine, Americans today are voraciously devouring any piece of information they can find on holistic healing and wellness. They are educating themselves and being proactive about health and appearance more than ever.

So how do you take your industry know-how and turn it into an increased client base and revenue stream?? By using social and direct marketing techniques to educate your local community about the health benefits of your services! Just look at the current data on spa patronage and learn what you can do to use these facts to your marketing advantage:

FACT: There are 32 million active spa-goers in America.

Just think! There are more than enough clients to go around for all of the practitioners out there- but how do you set yourself apart? It becomes increasingly imperative to provide a niche service to a targeted audience. What is a niche service and target audience? Consider this example: One spa practitioner could create a spa package geared towards pampering new mothers. He or she might consider targeting new mothers by creating strategic alliances with day cares, Doulas, mid-wives, baby boutiques, Lamaze teachers, and maternity stores to carry package brochures and offer coupons to their customers!

FACT: Reducing or relieving stress is the Number 1 reason people go to spas.

Stress is the greatest epidemic in America, causing countless physical and mental disorders. Use this info to your advantage and advertise ways to reduce stress on your website and in your e-zine. When readers see you as an expert who provides useful tips and information, they will value you as a resource. This trick alone will increase the likelihood that they will patronize you in the future-or at the least-refer you to friends and family!

FACT: Medical spas are currently the fastest-growing segment in the spa industry.

So how do you profit from this trend short of becoming a licensed physician? As more customers look to the latest medical technology to look and feel better, consider a strategic alliance with a dermatologist or nurse practitioner to augment your service package. Many services such as injectables and fillers can be performed in spa rooms with minimal alterations. Find a doctor who is looking to augment his practice by coming in to service your clients once a week, and sell packages that include both medical and relaxation treatments together!

FACT: In addition to treatment rooms, 93% of spas contain a retail space, and retail sales accounts for 11% percent of total spa revenues.

It doesn’t take a huge financial investment to include a retail space in your establishment-in fact it’s easier than you think. Retail space is an example of the wonders of Passive Income theory: highlighting products to your clients that will benefit them takes no effort and can greatly increase your revenue! Even if you don’t have a large area to commit, a counter space with a “call to action” (such as a special price on products nicely framed) is highly effective for those impulse purchasers. What if you have a mobile spa businesses and operate your practice primarily from a website? Including a free products web page is simple courtesy of sites such as Cafepress or Etsy. You can create a link from your website to these pages, include shopping cart checkout features, and the greatest part-you don’t pay the wholesale price for the products you carry until they sell!

The great news is that the medical benefits of a spa regimen has never been as widely recognized or marketed as it is today! BELIEVE in the strength and importance of your services. Broaden the appeal of your spa by promoting the health rewards of regular visits to customers now!

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What Is The Future Of Mobile Media Marketing?

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Mobile marketing has been making very rapid exposure globally and is fast dominating the mobile media marketing scene in the recent year. What with more than 50 million iPhone sold globally, and Google selling 160,000 andriod phones on a daily basis, it is no wonder that many forward-looking business owners have grown interested in this channel of marketing.

Indeed, there is extensive potential for enhancing the bottom line with increased sales, when you have mastered the art. And basic tactic adopted by many mobile marketers, text marketing, is very affordable to even the tightest budget.

Compared to conventional marketing, which includes direct marketing in the form of direct mailing, telemarketing, advertising, and often only able to target general audiences, this new channel is considerably affordable and more target focused.

Conventional methods are traditionally designed to appeal to the masses, very much like a giant Greyhound bus ad. Only limited people get to see the ad, and lesser targeted audience eventually buyer your product. Similar approaches like flyers, leaflets and mass mailings only serve to waste precious financial resources and kill more trees.

Conversely, mobile marketing is flexible, allows you full control and lets you conduct your promotions in laser targeted fashion. Take text marketing for instance, you are in control of when to send out your messages and due to the real time nature of this form of promotion, the customers will receive the message almost instantaneously and are also able to respond to it immediately upon receipt. You can literally know the results of your campaign within a short span of a few hours or are able to tweak it for better success. Such is the efficient turnaround time of this new medium, saving you time and costs.

The reason why it is laser targeted is due to its opt-in nature as mandated by the mobile marketing association. Your customers or prospects must give permission for you in order for you to send information and product updates to them. Since you are sending information to those who are willing recipients, it results in much higher click through rates and conversion rates than traditional forms of promotions.

MMS marketing is an enhanced form of SMS advertising as they are media rich and more eye-catching. Audio or video forms of content also serve to extend the attention span of recipients. Being interactive enables you to enhance the customer experience to greater heights and improve customer loyalty.

Indeed, it is without doubt that mobile marketing is here to stay. The sooner we hop on the bandwagon, the faster will we achieve the success we need to grow our business to the next level. So the next time you plan your promotion campaigns, do not forget to include this new channel.

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A Bit About Marketing by Email

May 22 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Internet communication has become so popular nowadays that it seems as if the more traditional forms of correspondence like the written letter are in danger of dying out. Needless to say, there will always be a place in society for the postal system but emailing is a very quick and convenient way of communicating whether it is for business or personal reasons. Given that email is such a handy form of communication it is not surprising that marketing by email has become a viable avenue for marketers to pursue.

What is more, people are so resistant to the plethora of so-called ‘junk’ mail they receive in their post boxes nowadays that most of it goes straight into the waste paper bin which is not good news for companies trying to advertise their products. Marketing by email, along with cellphone text-messaging, web display ads like banners and pop-ups, and websites that consumers are able to interact with, is a direct form of advertising just like the junk mail mentioned above. Unfortunately, because many forms of direct e-advertising are unsolicited they are in danger of falling into the category of spam and filtered out.

On the flip side, a direct advertising method like marketing by email has the advantage of being a form of communication that can be disseminated quickly and in bulk with the potential of reaching a very wide audience. Moreover, the marketer is able to measure how effective an email advertisement is by looking at the response rate, in other words, how many people responded to the email whereas with traditional methods of advertising like print ads it is a lot more difficult to determine the consumer response. With benefits such as this it is not surprising that marketers do not want their email marketing messages to be marked as spam.

One way to overcome the issues associated with unsolicited marketing by email being rejected as spam is to operate on a consensual basis. This is when the marketer asks for permission from the recipient to send them emails. That being said, the marketer does not simply want the consumer to agree to receive marketing by email but to actually read and respond to it, preferably with a purchase.

The email newsletter is one way of getting and keeping the attention of an email marketing recipient but there is a particular way to go about using an email newsletter for direct marketing purposes. The underlying concept of the newsletter, regardless of its format, is to impart not only news but lasting information as well. Now, this may sound like a contradiction in terms because news by its very nature tends to be current and implies a time restriction of some sort, especially when the news relates to advertising promotions. The concept of ‘lasting information’, on the other hand, suggests that the data needs to be valid for an indefinite period of time.

While it is very easy to adopt the same ‘selling’ stance in an email newsletter that is used in other forms of email marketing, the temptation to do so should be resisted in favour of imparting useful and lasting information as the primary aim of the email marketing newsletter is to build a relationship with a consumer by holding their interest as opposed to the blatant ‘push’ mentality of direct sales.

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Direct Mail Marketing Can Be Easier Than Internet Marketing

May 21 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Picture this: you have found a terrific business opportunity. You need to promote the opportunity, attract prospects and convert some of those prospects into customers. Given this scenario, most marketers would consider using some combination of internet marketing tools. You could use email via an autoresponder series. Of course, you’d need to either have a list of opt-in prospects, or rent a list, or both. If the business opportunity has a website, you’d need to develop your own squeeze page, drive traffic to that squeeze page, motivate visitors to enter their name and email address. You’d probably need to offer some incentive to do that — perhaps a free report, or some information your prospect would find valuable. And, you’d probably want to drive traffic to your squeeze page. To do that, you’d need a sales page. You’d need to use up to the minute SEO techniques to ensure that the major search engines rank your page. You’d probably also consider using pay per click advertising to drive targeted search traffic to your sales page. You’d do some keyword research, bid on your keywords, set your daily budget, and activate your PPC campaign. And hope for the best.

Internet marketing can be very effective — if you know what you are doing. No doubt, there are individual entrepreneurs and companies making big, big money online. There are also literally thousands of marketers losing money trying to learn how to succeed online.

There is a different route available to marketers. That route is direct mail. Direct mail marketing involves mastering critical skills too. Those variables include choosing an attractive product, finding targeted list of prospects, establishing optimal pricing, writing an effective sales letter. Direct mail marketing may be “old school”, but is still works. Chances are it will continue to be a viable method of marketing for many years to come. There are several reasons for this. One reason is that prospects are receiving fewer offers in the mail. Marketers are so focused on internet marketing that they have moved away from direct mail. Prospects receive less direct mail than they used to — so they are more likely to read the offers they do receive! For marketers that are open to the idea of testing direct mail — that can be done very efficiently by making a modest investment in a direct mail program that offers a complete, ready-to-use package. The package includes a tested sales letter offering a proven product at a price that has also been tested and proven. The program also includes complete information as to specific mail houses that offer complete mailing services including list selection, printing, envelope preparation and mailing. This approach allows you to test direct mail without taking any unknown budgetary risks. All costs are known before they are incurred. All you do is arrange the mailing and wait a few days to see your conversions, and evaluate your results.

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Why Do Wholesalers Not Sell Furniture in the Retail Market?

May 19 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

The price difference between a product in the wholesale market and the retail market is very vast. Therefore, it is quite logical that one might look for whether one can buy furnishings at a wholesale price. However, even if one gets into contact with a wholesale furniture seller, it is quite uncommon that they would sell a single piece of furnishing or furniture to the person. In fact, many wholesale furniture manufacturers and sellers offer their products only to agencies and other licensed individuals. Here are three simple reasons why a wholesaler would not sell single pieces of furniture and furnishings to individuals:

 Breaking the Market:

The furniture market is one of the few markets that have not broken, and the commissions are still quite princely. If the wholesalers start selling their products in the retail market directly, the retailer would wonder whether it is feasible doing business, as everyone would then flock to them for the furniture. This may be a good idea in the short term for the wholesale furniture manufacturer, but would have some serious consequences in the later stages, like having a lot of products but nobody to sell to.

Octroi Charges:

The Octroi charges for transporting any type of heavy goods are too high. In the furniture market, traditionally, these prices are borne by the buyer. Of course, the octroi and other taxes for the wholesaler are completely different, because they are in the wholesale market. Because the wholesaler would not be able to handle the single product octroi charges, they would not sell directly in the retail market.

Concentrating on One Market:

It is very difficult for a wholesaler to concentrate on the retail market as well as the wholesale market, which would finally end up with them losing money in either one of the said markets. Therefore, to keep themselves away from these risks, they tend not to sell directly in the retail market.

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Is Network Marketing the Same As Pyramid Selling Schemes?

May 17 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

If you’re considering beginning a home based business, you’ve probably been made aware of network marketing opportunities and have questions about whether one of these is right for you.

Some people wonder whether network marketing businesses are actually pyramid selling schemes. While network marketing is known by several other names (multilevel marketing, direct marketing, relationship marketing, MLM), it is very much different from pyramid selling.

Often, people have heard negative stories about pyramid selling but don’t know exactly what it is or what it involves, and so it is difficult for them to know whether an opportunity is a genuine network marketing opportunity or a pyramid selling scam.

One reason that people sometimes believe network marketing businesses to be pyramid schemes is that the way network marketers build their teams creates a pyramid shaped organisation – and so people incorrectly think that it must be a pyramid scheme, which they have heard negative stories about. This is incorrect as actually every single business and organisation has a pyramid structure – starting with the CEO or ‘big boss’ at the very top of the pyramid and the lowest ranked workers at the bottom level of the pyramid.

Pyramid selling schemes offer products which you will have to buy in order to join the scheme. You will usually have to order a large amount of this stock – often enough to fill your garage or spare room! – and there will be very little focus on the products or their quality; the focus will be very much on the money you can make. You will purchase the products for a set price and will have to sell them on at a higher price to create your profit. You will usually do this by telling people about the money they can make rather than any benefits of buying the product. Pyramid selling products are rarely used, but instead are sold numerous times with their price inflating each time. Naturally, this can only continue for so long, and so somebody ends up with a garage full of (usually) low quality products that cost them far too much and which nobody is prepared to pay an even higher price for.

Network marketing opportunities, by contrast, often offer higher quality products than high street companies. The products are not stocked in shops, but are sold by independent associates not employed by the company. Associates pay a small fee (usually less than £1,000) to become associates, and often are required to purchase a certain quota of products each month. While they can choose to resell these products, they are encouraged to use them personally as it is seen as being ethical that they will want to use the products they are sharing with others.

While associates will be able to purchase products at a discount from retail price, both associate price and retail price are set and are not inflated for each new customer or associate. The network marketing company pays associates commissions and bonuses not only on the products they personally sell, but on the achievements of associates they share the business opportunity with – focusing on an associate’s ability to help others. Network marketing is a great example of business where one person’s success depends on the number of people they help.

Network marketing is a booming industry that has been endorsed by business leaders including Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki, to world leaders including Bill Clinton and Tony Blair. With it’s low start up costs, network marketing is a realistic way for people to begin their own business with the support they need, and offers the opportunity to achieve unlimited earnings.

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Direct Advertising Or Modern Direct Response Marketing?

May 16 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Promotion of products or services has always been targeted at the special groups of audience that is divided on the basis of age, sex, social status and etc. Geo-targeting is also very important in marketing as it is wiser to appeal to specific features and environment than to use a one-size-fits-all advertisement, brochure or leaflet. Any kind of marketing campaign is directed at gaining profit from acquiring new markets for sales. Thousands of practical guides and manuals are written in order to comprehend and use the methods of successful marketing strategies; however, the psychological aspect and the notion of direct response marketing have not been covered to the full. How can an advertiser make his/her brand sound in consumers’ mind for a long time and be sure that the brand will really work?

First of all, to catch the consumers’ attention the advertisement should be unique, memorizing and the most important – direct! Unique advertisement is clear: an advertiser should use his/her creative mind to come out with something unusual and eye/ear-catching. Memorizing ads can be reached by the mix of sounds that can be identical in nature, phonological techniques, like rhythm, rhyme and other if you take radio- or television-advertisements. Nice collateral numeric numbers of telephones are immediate constituents of a successful oral pleasant ad. The same is important in newspaper-, magazines-ads, billboards and banners – clear content, blazing design, eye-catching slogans and novelty. Direct advertising is the most complicated step in planning a promotional campaign as a marketer is responsible for any inaccuracy in an ad directly before a customer or a consumer while he/she is offering a product or a service.

There is also another way of direct marketing – direct response advertising. What does it mean, indeed? By and large, this can be also called a “reverse advertising” when consumers are placing orders and request additional information themselves. A response is direct between the viewer and the advertiser, that is, the customer responds to the marketer directly. This is achieved, for example, by infomercials via television programs, so people can order via telephone or Internet. The increasing number of sales (or decreasing number of products left) on the screen creates a favorable psychological effect: you must be in a rush to get the product before the stock eventually ends. Moreover, this magical number of sales indirectly informs people that others are buying these goods and find them useful, so, why not to give a trial?

Direct response advertising is presented in newspapers and magazines in large scale as well. Though the reaction of potential customers is not flash-like in comparison with telemarketing still this kind of direct response marketing works greatly and has even some advantages: no need to be in a hurry – the ads and contact numbers won’t disappear from the paper; you have enough time to be sure you need this or that good or service; there is no voice that accompanies ads as for many people this is quite irritating when they are being pressed down.

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