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Types & Classes of Forklifts

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While using your own forklifts is more cost effective, it is equally important that you get proper forklift training in Melbourne or elsewhere through recognised institutes.

Before making such an expensive decision to buy your own forklift, it is important to know about all of your options so you can choose the best one for your business.

Types of forklifts

There are three main different types of forklifts: counterbalanced trucks, rough terrain lifts, and sit-down countershaft models.

Counterbalance trucks do what their name suggests; they are great for using in warehouses where you need to move heavy items. These trucks are also good for moving around pallets of material because they have a low centre of gravity and can tip easily, so the object being lifted won’t fall over.
Rough terrain lifts are great if your warehouse is on uneven ground or off-road situations.
Sit down countershaft models are best used in tight spaces like hallways inside buildings, which makes them perfect for use by grocery stores that receive shipments directly into their stockrooms.

Forklift classes

There are four main classes of forklifts:

Class I – Electric. These forklifts are powered by electricity and do not require fuel. They have a set of controls which allow you to drive, lift or lower the forks depending on your needs.
Class II – Internal combustion engine (ICE). Forklift trucks that run on ICE only need regular maintenance such as changing their oil periodically. These forklifts run using fossil fuels like gasoline or diesel. The engine heats up a cylinder causing pressure inside the chamber, this in turn causes a plunger to move which produces mechanical work used for powering equipment at factories and warehouses around the world.
Class III – Rack & pinion steering. This type is more complicated than others because it has steering wheels instead of levers.
Class IV – Articulated. Articulate-classed forklifts have the ability to drive in forward or reverse without having to turn around first as they can rotate 360 degrees on their own axis by means of a turntable under the front end that brings it into any position.

Forklift Trucks are heavy duty machines that can help you move large loads in warehouses, factories and other areas where there may be obstacles or tight spaces. Forklifts run on different types of power sources which include internal combustion engine (ICE), electric battery powered forklifts, liquid petroleum gas (LPG) forklifts and compressed natural gas (CNG).

The types of forklift trucks

Reach Trucks – Reach trucks are forklifts with a fork which extends horizontally to the left or right.

Pallet Jacks – A Pallet Jack is also known as a hand truck. It has small wheels to move across smooth floors. These forklifts have smaller forks than other types so they can easily manoeuvre around obstacles like tables and shelves. They cannot lift heavy items but work well for moving loads from one place to another within warehouses and manufacturing facilities. They can lift products up to 600 lb (272 kg) in weight if they have anti-tip safety cages attached. Pallets often come equipped with metal strapping that allows them to be lifted by hand using stretch wrap equipment without causing damage during transport.

Rough Terrain Forklifts – These types of forklift trucks function well on rough terrain like grasslands and farm fields as opposed to smooth flat surfaces found in a warehouse setting. Their ability makes it possible for these vehicles to move through smaller openings than other types and are very useful for outdoor warehouses and farms.

Cargo – These forklifts are designed to lift pallets, boxes or other cargo rather than a person as is the case with order picker forklift trucks. They usually have a larger load capacity but they tend not to be moveable in tight spaces

Order Pickers – Forklifts that function more like an automated crane by having their forks raised and lowered vertically over stacked goods on shelves operating within warehouse racking systems. The mechanical arms of these types of vehicles can extend up to 30 feet (nine meters) vertically from its base which makes it easier for operators to reach higher areas where human mobility would normally pose difficulty.

Uses of forklift trucks

The main uses of these vehicles include:

Transporting materials throughout factories;
Stacking pallets;
Cargo transport in ports;
Loading and unloading trucks, ships, aircraft etc.;
Carrying equipment up and down multi-level workstations in large factories;
They are the most commonly used electric trucks for many purposes.

It is important to make sure to use the right type of forklift for your needs, and you can learn about the right way to use this type of equipment through a forklift course in Melbourne. This will help you save money and time in the long run because improper use can lead to heavy fines. Hence, it’s important that you fully understand what each type is capable of doing before deciding which one you need.

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The automotive industry is the most highly automated manufacturing industry. Given that a myriad of robotics, programmable controllers and drive systems work in a real-time process environment, automotive manufacturing systems needto be highly accurate, efficient and reliable.

Machines used in automotive manufacturing rely on some of the most complex automation platforms, employing advanced and powerful PLC systems to precisely control multi-axis interpolated motion sequences. There is an ongoing effort to streamline the programming of these systems so that they are more “open” and easier to use. These efforts are also being done to add more functionality to machine tools, such as more user-friendly operator interfaces (HMIs), visualization capabilities and real-time data capturing capabilities. Industry code programming standards such as IEC61131 have helped improve machine automation programming tremendously.

Whether it is machines used by automotive manufacturers such as press lines, welding lines, painting lines, engine assembly and chassis assembly lines; or machines used by Tier 1 manufacturerswho produce ancillaries such as brakes, connecting rods, pistons, clutches,transmission components like steering and axles, differential gear boxes, etc. -automationin machine tools helps manufacturers meet their production targets.


To help automobile manufacturers and suppliers handle constantly rising productivity and quality demands, Messung provides automation solutions for optimising all production processes. The range of industrial automation applications covers the Press shop, Body shop, Assembly shop and Paint shop, as well as the intricate network of conveyors running through the factory.

Whether it is special purpose machines or pick-and-place systems, hydraulic/mechanical presses or overhead conveyors, milling, grinding & turning or aluminum diecasting and forging – Messung provides IoT-enabled automotive automation and control for machines and linked plants, they optimise every process stage and ensure greater reliability.

Messung solutions also facilitate the “Andon” system, the “Poka Yoke” system and the “Pica Pica” system that help automobile manufacturers to create an error free assembly process for the Engine assembly line and the Chassis assembly line. These systems help prevent errors, eliminate waste and streamline processes.

In addition to turnkey system solutions, Messung supplies standard Automation products, which allow machine manufacturers to configure controllers that are individually tailored to their applications. The control platform is based on industry and IT standards, and supports the implementation of Industry 4.0 concepts for machine-to-machine communication and for data processing and analysis in the cloud (OPC-UA and MQTT).


Messung provides the complete machine/manufacturing automation solution including:

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Messung offers a complete range of Programmable Logic Controllers in India, from the large modular Nx-Era Premium to the Nx-Era Xpress, the leading micro PLC in India. Messung’sNx-Era Xpress compact PLC for machine tools is big in features and performance. It offers quick and multiprotocol communication and gateway to Industry 4.0 to access the advantages of the IoT universe. Conformal coating ensures integrity and high performance even in harsh industrial environments. It can withstand extreme temperatures with resistance to vibration and impact.

Remote I/Os Messung’sXM-PRO Series of Remote I/O modules are indigenously manufactured by Messung under its ‘Navonmesh’ Make in India initiative. The Series is CE marked and certified for usage in harsh industrial environments.

Remote I/O modules enable users to greatly increase the capacity of the automation solutions enabling connections to electro mechanical actuators, sensors, VFDs and Servomotors, which are placed far away from the main control Cabinet. Messung offers a range of Remote I/O modules especially for Modbus, CANopen and Messung’s own “Mesbus”.

Human Machine Interface (HMI) Messung’s HMI helps to control industrial automation equipment. Messung’s cost-effective industrial HMIs combine advanced graphical tools and a selection of highly functional features. They offer a wide range of connectivity options, high-resolution touch-screens and modern design to deliver fast screen changes and program execution in demanding applications.

Variable Frequency Drives Messung offers a wide range of simple and high-performance Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) from Fuji Electric.The VFD Drive range includes standard and specialised models that can maximise performance for each application – from fans& pumps, to specialised applications.

These VFDs have an environmentally-friendly long-life design (10 years), are compliant with RoHS directives. With their built-in customizable logic functions, these VFDs give customers the ability to customize their inverters—from simplelogic functions to full-scale programming.

Servo Motion Controllers & Motors Messung has joined hands with two of the world’s leading brands for Servo & Motion Controls technology: Fuji Electric, Japan and Sigmatek, Austria. Best suited to high-speed and high-performance applications in the Automotive sector, the motion control and servo drive solutions are Industry 4.0 enabled, perfectly coordinated systems with a seamless range of engineering & software tools based on IEC 61131-3 standard. They achieve highly dynamic, precise motion sequences – in real time and from one source.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Messung provides SCADA solutions to enable faster operations by accessing operating data to control and optimise a system. Businesses depend on the requirement for enhancing return on assets through operational excellence. Staying ahead of the competition means you can find ways to operate leaner and faster.


Since its establishment in 1981 as India’s first indigenous PLC manufacturer, Messung has been closely associated with India’s automobile and automotive industries. Messung has partnered with two-wheeler and four-wheeler manufacturers in their journey towards smart manufacturing, developing solutions for every stage of the vehicle manufacturing process.

With latest features like OPC UA and IoT capability, Messung’s PLC-based solutions enable features like remote and predictive maintenance, just-in-time control and energy managementto optimise productivity, minimise machine downtime and save costs.

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Best Corporate Event Organizers

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The best corporate event organizers will help you plan the event while also providing recommendations and proposals when choosing a place and location. When planning a conference or seminar, it is essential to keep it simple, important, and attractive. A good consultant event management company will be able to guide you through every step from booking the venue, equipment hire, and the organization of a program to help run the event on the same day. Mainly the events are held within the company involving the people in management, employees and the staffs. Hosting an event is not easy and arranging the things required is also not as fun as its looks like.

Event management is an important part of any industry event and it is a good idea to hire a company to take over the management of your occasion. Event management itself requires lot of planning and proper execution of the tasks and corporate event management requires even more careful planning and execution with full attention to the details. The amount of time and attempt it takes to organize a group occasion that is best to hire the best corporate event organizers to help with occasion organization. This will help create a unique and inventive happening in any size budget.

Business events management is a platform for their products and services. To do this, you need the services of the best corporate event organizers. If the business event is a corporate or a social one, a large or a small, one a formal or informal one, no matter the aim, it needs to be planned with the help of professional event managers and commerce experience. Of course, you may feel that most of us have planned an occasion or the other, a meeting with business partners, meeting with associates and relatives, so organizing a corporate event would be similar.

There are many advantages to hiring the best corporate event organizers for business events. They bring a range of resources, skills, assets, services, and financial advantages that can come only with the experience and proficiency of professional managers of commercial events. There are many event management industries which are working quite exceptionally and it is in fact one of the improving sectors which have employed a large number of employs. Organizing corporate events can be both exciting and stressful simultaneously. Corporate events are the events which take place together interaction of the colleagues and making the professional group better in relation.

The best corporate event organizers usually deal with organizing meetings highlighting the corporate front of any organization, group, which not similar to organizing a usual meeting. There are few certain advantages in hiring corporate meeting managers. A corporate event is not similar to the organization of meetings and assemblies. The role of small firms is not an error on this front can be very costly. Corporate event managers many a times face the dilemma of balancing the need of a beneficial event along with it being an enjoyable event.

There are many more advantages in hiring the services of the best corporate event organizers. Their assets, skills, services and economical advantages are the things which you should be keeping in your mind. The role of corporate in your life is highly important and you will not wish to mingle it up as it may cost you dearly in the near future. Along with visualizing of how the process should take place, the event managers successfully execute the whole event. Corporate events are trained to highlight the essentials and most importance things of the company it is serving for.

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