Want to Increase Your Spa Business? Market the Health Benefits of Your Services Today!

Once considered self-indulgence, spa visits are now increasingly perceived as in integral part of a healthy lifestyle regimen. By relieving stress, soothing sore bodies and eliminating damaging toxins, spas craft emotional, mental and physical well-being for their loyal adherents.

Because of this trend towards wellness, the majority of spas reported increased visits and revenue during the 2011 recession. Yet this phenomenon has a few different implications for spa owners and practitioners. As the popularity of spa services expands, there are invariably more clients to fill one’s practice, but it also means that every year, the number of competing businesses magnifies!

The most valuable resource that spa affiliates have is the power of their own expertise. In response to rising health care costs and growing awareness of alternative medicine, Americans today are voraciously devouring any piece of information they can find on holistic healing and wellness. They are educating themselves and being proactive about health and appearance more than ever.

So how do you take your industry know-how and turn it into an increased client base and revenue stream?? By using social and direct marketing techniques to educate your local community about the health benefits of your services! Just look at the current data on spa patronage and learn what you can do to use these facts to your marketing advantage:

FACT: There are 32 million active spa-goers in America.

Just think! There are more than enough clients to go around for all of the practitioners out there- but how do you set yourself apart? It becomes increasingly imperative to provide a niche service to a targeted audience. What is a niche service and target audience? Consider this example: One spa practitioner could create a spa package geared towards pampering new mothers. He or she might consider targeting new mothers by creating strategic alliances with day cares, Doulas, mid-wives, baby boutiques, Lamaze teachers, and maternity stores to carry package brochures and offer coupons to their customers!

FACT: Reducing or relieving stress is the Number 1 reason people go to spas.

Stress is the greatest epidemic in America, causing countless physical and mental disorders. Use this info to your advantage and advertise ways to reduce stress on your website and in your e-zine. When readers see you as an expert who provides useful tips and information, they will value you as a resource. This trick alone will increase the likelihood that they will patronize you in the future-or at the least-refer you to friends and family!

FACT: Medical spas are currently the fastest-growing segment in the spa industry.

So how do you profit from this trend short of becoming a licensed physician? As more customers look to the latest medical technology to look and feel better, consider a strategic alliance with a dermatologist or nurse practitioner to augment your service package. Many services such as injectables and fillers can be performed in spa rooms with minimal alterations. Find a doctor who is looking to augment his practice by coming in to service your clients once a week, and sell packages that include both medical and relaxation treatments together!

FACT: In addition to treatment rooms, 93% of spas contain a retail space, and retail sales accounts for 11% percent of total spa revenues.

It doesn’t take a huge financial investment to include a retail space in your establishment-in fact it’s easier than you think. Retail space is an example of the wonders of Passive Income theory: highlighting products to your clients that will benefit them takes no effort and can greatly increase your revenue! Even if you don’t have a large area to commit, a counter space with a “call to action” (such as a special price on products nicely framed) is highly effective for those impulse purchasers. What if you have a mobile spa businesses and operate your practice primarily from a website? Including a free products web page is simple courtesy of sites such as Cafepress or Etsy. You can create a link from your website to these pages, include shopping cart checkout features, and the greatest part-you don’t pay the wholesale price for the products you carry until they sell!

The great news is that the medical benefits of a spa regimen has never been as widely recognized or marketed as it is today! BELIEVE in the strength and importance of your services. Broaden the appeal of your spa by promoting the health rewards of regular visits to customers now!

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