What Is The Future Of Mobile Media Marketing?

Mobile marketing has been making very rapid exposure globally and is fast dominating the mobile media marketing scene in the recent year. What with more than 50 million iPhone sold globally, and Google selling 160,000 andriod phones on a daily basis, it is no wonder that many forward-looking business owners have grown interested in this channel of marketing.

Indeed, there is extensive potential for enhancing the bottom line with increased sales, when you have mastered the art. And basic tactic adopted by many mobile marketers, text marketing, is very affordable to even the tightest budget.

Compared to conventional marketing, which includes direct marketing in the form of direct mailing, telemarketing, advertising, and often only able to target general audiences, this new channel is considerably affordable and more target focused.

Conventional methods are traditionally designed to appeal to the masses, very much like a giant Greyhound bus ad. Only limited people get to see the ad, and lesser targeted audience eventually buyer your product. Similar approaches like flyers, leaflets and mass mailings only serve to waste precious financial resources and kill more trees.

Conversely, mobile marketing is flexible, allows you full control and lets you conduct your promotions in laser targeted fashion. Take text marketing for instance, you are in control of when to send out your messages and due to the real time nature of this form of promotion, the customers will receive the message almost instantaneously and are also able to respond to it immediately upon receipt. You can literally know the results of your campaign within a short span of a few hours or are able to tweak it for better success. Such is the efficient turnaround time of this new medium, saving you time and costs.

The reason why it is laser targeted is due to its opt-in nature as mandated by the mobile marketing association. Your customers or prospects must give permission for you in order for you to send information and product updates to them. Since you are sending information to those who are willing recipients, it results in much higher click through rates and conversion rates than traditional forms of promotions.

MMS marketing is an enhanced form of SMS advertising as they are media rich and more eye-catching. Audio or video forms of content also serve to extend the attention span of recipients. Being interactive enables you to enhance the customer experience to greater heights and improve customer loyalty.

Indeed, it is without doubt that mobile marketing is here to stay. The sooner we hop on the bandwagon, the faster will we achieve the success we need to grow our business to the next level. So the next time you plan your promotion campaigns, do not forget to include this new channel.

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